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Grandmaster Han Cha Kyo

Han Cha Kyo
Born : 1934 in Seoul, South Korea

There are only a few ninth dan masters in the world. Han Cha Kyo was one of the great ones. Despite his international reputation and world renowned achievements, Grandmaster Han remained a humble teacher and could be found most days in the dojang, teaching Chung Do Kwan, traditional Taekwon-Do, to his students.

Han Cha Kyo was born in Seoul, South Korea on July 20, 1934. He was a student of the martial arts for most of his life. In Korea, Han Cha Kyo trained under three masters, including Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi. Master Han rose rapidly in the ranks. Together with General Choi, Master Nam and others, Grandmaster Han was instrumental in the development of modern Taekwon-Do as it is practiced throughout the world today. He offered a wealth of experience as an instructor, administrator and promoter of Taekwon-Do and health. Throughout his years of service, he continued to revise and refine his ideas about martial arts and health.

Experience :

1950-59 - Assistant instructor in the 20th ROK army Division
- Head Instructor 4th Military Defense Corps of Korea
- Head Instructor for Education Division, Korean Armed Force
1955 One of the first martial artists to knock over a bull
1959 All-service Taekwon-Do Champion
1960-62 Head instructor of U.S. Military base in Doe Jeon
1963 Head instructor of the Chung Nam Province Military Police
1965 - Director of ITF Goodwill Mission
- Appointed Director of ITF competition by Gen. Choi
1966 Advisor to Gen. Chai Myung Shin, Commanding General of Korea
1967 Military Defense Corps.
1967 Captain of the Demo Team to Japan
1968 Head Instructor of Hong Kong Police force
1969 Organized first International Asian TKD Championship
1970 Appointed Secretary General of Asian TKD Confederation
1971 - Chief Instructor for the TKD Assoc., Singapore
- Immigrated to the United States
1971-76 - Taekwon-Do instructor in Chicago, Illinois
- Physical Therapy Programs & Instruction
- Handicapped Armed Forces Service Veterans
- Children's Memorial Hospital, Handicapped Children
- Orchard Village, Mentally Retarded Children
- State of Illinois School for the Blind
- Round Lake Juvenile Home
- Oak Therapy School
- Bethany Methodist Hospital, Physical Therapy Seminar
- IL Dept. of Rehab services, Physically Disabled
- USOC Olympic Training Center, Isotrim and Resistance Training
- Cystic Fibrosis, Chicago, Seminars for Physical Therapy
- Marionjoy Rehab Center Seminars for Physical Therapists

Civil and Social Activities :

- Chicago Korean Lions Club, Past President
- Korean Community Development Services, Exec. Dir.
- Korean sports Assoc., Athletic Director
- Olympic Sports Committee, Past President
- Juvenile Youth Department, Advisor
- Universal Taekwon-Do Federation, President, Founder
- Operation PUSH, Dir. and Advisor

Awards :

1988 Pulitzer Newspaper, Citizen of the Year
1989 IL Park AND Rec. Assoc., Community Service Award
1990 Dept. on Aging/Disability, August Christmann Award
1991 United Hellenic Voters of America, Distinguished Service Award

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